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grafitti and security protection

A lot of people inquire about using security window film on their buildings, but with the large selection of thicknesses, colors and types they don't know which one works best. This article will help differentiate between the Safety window films available and when you should and should not use them.

Security Window Film Purpose

Standard security window film is used for mild to moderate glass protection. Many people are confused about the function of the films, however. Safety film will NOT prevent your glass from breaking in the event of an accident, such as a rock hitting it or someone trying to break in. What the film WILL do is increase the amount of force it takes to break the window, and then prevents the glass from shattering into thousands of pieces all over the floor. In addition, if someone tries to break through the glass to gain entry, they will have a much harder time doing so. The film is much harder to penetrate or pierce with blunt or sharp objects. So, the thicker the film you install, the harder it will be to break in.

Security Window Film Thicknesses

Safety films range in thickness, typically from a 4-Mil Safety Film all the way up to a 15-Mil. For break-in prevention and mild glass protection, as described above, any film in the range of 4 to 7-Mil Safety Film will work just fine. You won't really need to use anything thicker than that

Reduce the cost of graffiti removal with anti-graffiti film

Around the world, many cities are once again experiencing the growing problem of graffiti and its costly removal. And vandals have found new targets tagging window glass and other surfaces in public places using etching tools, acid, paint and permanent markers. Solar Block Glass Tinting uses Madico anti-graffiti film,it is a proven solution to cost-effectively mitigate graffiti damage. These specially designed films, nearly invisible once installed, provide a removable, sacrificial surface that can reduce or eliminate the need for expensive glass replacement. A single replacement of just one window can easily exceed ten or twenty times the cost of film installation. Whether the anti-graffiti film is applied to vertical or sloped glass, to mirrors or stainless steel, in malls, on buses, in office buildings or on subways, anti-graffiti film installation and replacement by our professionally trained staff is quick and easy, avoiding the disruption caused by window replacement. When vandals strike, the film is simply removed along with the tags, revealing the unspoiled glass surface ready for the replacement anti-graffiti film. And by removing graffiti quickly, it discourages vandals who don’t get the recognition they were trying to achieve

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